We understand the emergency of the current situation, however we want to ensure that the basic foods will safely reach the greatest possibile number of customers. To avoid the spread of the infection, we have decided to apply some limitations and changes in the rules of shopping through Tesco Online Shopping for the upcoming weeks, according to the directives of the Central Crisis Staff of Hungary. 


    Please ensure your phone number is up to date in your Tesco account


    To support the reduction in personal contact, our driver will contact you via phone, prior to delivery agree where to leave your Shopping. They will also agree on any substitute items you may not wish to accept.


    Payment methods


    We only offer online payment method for new orders. If you selected ‘pay at door’ for an order placed before 13th March, we will still accept payment at doorstep via terminal.


    Maximum order size limits


    To help us offer our service to as many customers as possible, any new orders placed or changed from 30th March might be limited to the maximum delivery size of 80 kg per order, to prevent bulk-purchasing. The limit should not prevent customers from placing orders which are the equivalent to a large family shop. If you do reach our maximum limit you will be informed by a message on the website, whilst creating your order.


    Number of items purchased limited  


    To make basic foods available to possibly all customers, we have limited the maximum number of products a customer can buy in certain categories. You can find these maximum numbers of purchased products  with the particular product. If you have booked your order before the  14th  of March in larger quantities, we'll do our best to deliver  your order. However, due o the currently lower availability of some products, it will not be possible in all cases. Even though some products may be temporarily unavailable, the total product stocks are at a good level and we do what we can to get them uploaded on daily basis.  


    Delivery time reservation

    Due the increased customer interest in online shopping these days, there might be fewer delivery dates available. Therefore, it is good to order a delivery service well in advance. You can book your delivery date up to three weeks ahead and change it until 23:00 before the day of delivery, if you choose to do so.


    Replacement goods


    We would really like to deliver all the goods as ordered, but in some cases, a specific product might not currently be in the stock, so we will deliver it' alternative. Our drivers will call by phone our customers in advance to consult about the replacement products. 


    Delivery of all orders in bags only


    To protect you, and also our drivers we fully recommend you to order your shopping in carrier bags at these days. In this way we can elimiate personal contact with your goods.


    Cancellation of orders


    We apologize to all customers who have not received their online purchase. The reason was a major outage of our staff due to the current situation and government regulations. Fear of contagion, but also the closure of schools and the inability to arrange babysitting played a role amongst our employees. In order to increase the security of the delivery, the overall time of a handover was unfortunately extended. We follow all orders with an emphasis on the safety of our customers and employees. We are working very hard to hire new staff so that we are able to increase the number of deliveries again. As a compensation, we offer our customers a sale coupon for their next purchase. We really do our best to serve as many people as possible. We apologize once again for the inconvenience.

    Important information for
    customers in personal or magisterial quarantine

    Following the Goverement’s advice on preventing the coronavirus your driver won’t be able to come into your home. We want to deliver to you as safely as possible. To do that and also to protect the health of our couriers we need you to follow a few simple steps:
    • Let us now you’re in personal or magisterial quarantine in your online order delivery instruction box.
    • Pay online. We are currently unable to accept payment at door.
    • Courier will call you to arrange a method and a place where your delivery will be ready for withdrawal. We would like to make you sure, that your shopping will be delivered always the safe way.
    • Please, choose delivery at carrier bags, to protect you and also our driver.

    We hope that this information has been helpful and we’ll do our best to keep your online shopping experience as
    smooth as possible.

    All our Lines are overloaded at the Moment. We kindly request you to only contact our Call center if your query cannot be answered by this page.

    Any questions? We are here for you

    Call us for free on our Customer line, every day from 8AM to 11PM.
    We will be happy to answer all your questions.