“Tesco in a Box” Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”)

    2nd version valid from 23th of June 2020.

    TESCO in a Box

    Tesco Box Service owned by TESCO-GLOBAL Stores Privately Held Company Limited (with its registered seat at H-2040 Budaörs, Kinizsi út 1-3., co. reg. number 13-10-040628, registered by Company Court of the Budapest Environs, VAT Number: 10307078-2-44, hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “Tesco”).



    With regards to the health crisissituation and the epidemiological preparedness developed upon the spread of COVID-19 virus to ensure smooth food supply to the population of Hungary across the country during the state of emergency, Tesco evolved the below described Service.

    I. Service – Description, Conditions, Restrictions

    These Terms and Conditions set the Parties’ rights and obligations for using Tesco in a Box online service, available by means of www.tesco.hu/bevasarlas (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”). The provisions of these Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the purchase contract.

    Tesco presents TescoBox on the website www.tesco.hu/bevasarlas (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) that the customer can order and purchase by means of the Service.

    The Service is intended exclusively for those individuals and households with a delivery address in Hungary who can not register in TESCO’s Online Shopping Service as they are living outside of the catchment area of the aforementioned service. The Service may be used solely by a natural person older than 18 years of age who agrees with the Terms and Conditions, gives consent to the processing of his/her personal data and registers at the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”). A legal person or a natural person-entrepreneur may not become a Customer based on the principa described in the Preambulum. Between a person under 18 years of age, a legal person or a natural person-entrepreneur and Tesco, the purchase contract shall be deemed as not concluded in the context of e-commerce.

    At the Website , Tesco offers TescoBox as a unit of product. Tesco Box includes individual products („Item“), which is pre-selected by Tesco. Any amendment regarding the Items is not possible.  Information, introductions or descriptions relating to Items are placed on the Item itself inside the TescoBox. In order to avoid any misunderstanding it is to be clearly stated that  on the Website only  the type and the generic name of the Items will be visible - instead of the brand - purely for information.

    Once the Customer has selected the TescoBox as a product and provided other data that is required, and finalized the order by paying for the order, the Customer will receive a confirmation email by Tesco. Receipt will be made upon the payment. Tesco will deliver the Order to the Customer’s door via courir 2-5 working days.

    II. Customer Registration, User Account, Clubcard

    1. Registration form

    The Customer is entitled to select Tesco in a Box only after he/she has registered. During registration, the Customer must provide accurate and truthful information. If there is a change in the Customer’s information, he/she must immediately update this change in his/her Customer’s user account. The Customer may request cancellation of his/her registration through the Customer Services (via e-mail or phone). Tesco shall not be liable for any damages arising from the Customer’s failure to provide notice of change.

    Tesco is entitled to cancel the User’s registration and thus the Customer’s user account (hereinafter referred to as the “User Account”) immediately if it has reason to believe that the Customer is in breach of the Terms and Conditions. The cancellation of registration shall not affect the provisions of the Terms and Conditions which by their nature shall survive thereafter.

    Tesco will send a confirmation email to the Customer within 48 hours after the payment, which contains the amount of the selected Tesco in a Box, the price valid at the time of the order.

    By completing the registration form on the Website the Customer shall have access to his/her Customer Account. The Customer may order TescoBox from his/her Customer Account Account.

    During the Customer’s registration on the Website and when ordering Tesco in a Box, the Customer is obliged to provide exact, precise and true details. The Customer may register for the Service only once, based on the first successfully completed registration.

    In the event of a change of the Customer’s details, he/she is obliged to update them immediately, by changing the details directly in his/her User Account. He must send a notification of this change through the User Services or via email sent to the mailing address of the Service. The details provided by the Customer in the User Account and when ordering Tesco in a Box are considered by Tesco as correct.

    The Customer acknowledges that the User Account may not be available at all times, especially with respect to the necessary maintenance of Tesco hardware and software.

    2. Clubcard

    A User registered in Tesco Clubcard Loyalty Program is entitled to use his/her Clubcard number while registering at the Website. Unfortunately it’s not possible to use Clubcard vouchers on our Website in this Service.

    The Customer registered in the Tesco Clubcard loyalty programme may state his/her Clubcard number during registration on the Website. At the time of payment for received Tesco in a Box, the Customer’s Clubcard account shall be credited with the number of points corresponding to the price of ordered Tesco in a Box. Should the Customer not accept some of the damaged goods or the damaged Tesco in a Box in accordance with the Terms and Conditions or should he/she return the damaged items in the specified period, his/her Clubcard shall be debited by the number of points corresponding to the price of the returned damaged items or damaged Tesco in a Box valid at the time of delivery.

    3. Termination of registration

    Tesco may suspend or cancel a Customer’s registration immediately if there is a reasonable assumption that the Customer is breaching these Terms and Conditions or legal regulations, abusing the Service, tampering with the structure of the Tesco Website or endangering its functioning. Registration also terminates upon termination of the Service by Tesco. The termination or cancellation of registration does not affect those provisions of the Terms and Conditions which, by their nature, persist.

    4. Security of the User Account

    During the registration process the Customer creates a password for his/her user account. The Customer is obliged to keep his/her password confidential and not to share it with other people. The Customer is fully liable for all actions performed on behalf of his/her account. The Customer is obliged to inform Tesco without delay of any suspicion of abuse or confidentiality breach of his/her password to a third party. Tesco accepts no liability to the Customer for damage caused by disclosure or abuse of his/her password.

    III. Conclusion of Purchase Contract

    All presentations of the Items placed on the Tesco Website are of an informative nature and Tesco is obliged to conclude a purchase contract regarding the Tesco in a Box only and not the Items which is contined in the Tesco in a Box.

    The availability of the Tesco in a Box is subject to stock therefore Tesco is not able to guarantee such availability. Tesco is entitled to set maximum limits for ordering Tesco in a Box by one Customer in advance. However, this provision is without prejudice to Tesco’s right not to deliver Tesco in a Box in case of individual orders of large quantities of the Tesco in a Box, or to limit the number of ordered Tesco in a Box to a reasonable level. The Customer shall always be notified in advance of any non-delivery of an Order that is above the limit or a doubtful order or its restriction by Tesco.

    Conclusion of the Sale and Purchase and of the Service Contract:

    A contract for the purchase of Order between Tesco and the Customer is concluded when the Customer payed the Order via online payment. Tesco confirms the Order by the Customer by sending an email confirmation to the Customer’s registered email address and the customer pay online. The attachment to the email confirmation shall contain a link to the current version of the Terms and Conditions.

    The Customer shall be given a receipt upon delivery of the Order.

    The Customer agrees to use remote means of communication when concluding the purchase contract. The costs incurred by the Customer in using remote means of communication in connection with the conclusion of the purchase contract shall be borne by the Customer himself, and these costs do not vary from the basic rate.

    IV. Price and Payment Conditions

    1. Price of Tesco in a Box

    The price of the Tesco in a Box listed on the Website is in HUF, final, including VAT and service price. If the Customer receives Tesco in a Box whose value is higher than the value stated in the Customer’s order confirmed by Tesco, the Customer has the full right to pay the lower price stated in the Customer’s order confirmed by Tesco.

    2. Service price

    The fee for the Service is included in the price of the Tesco in a Box.

    3. Payment conditions

    The Customer shall pay the price of the Order only online.

    The User may use Visa, MasterCard and Maestro debit cards to pay the purchase price of the Order.

    To reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the User’s bank card information, this information is encoded. Payment in person at the Customer’s door by bank card or Cash payments are not accepted. Tesco does not charge a separate fee relating to the payment instrument.


    Before selecting the Tesco in a Box, the User has to ensure that the payment card is activated for online payments by the issuing bank, and verify whether his/her payment card will expire prior to the day when the selected products are expected to be payed.

    V. Placement, Change and Cancellation of Order by Customer

    The Customer places his/her order after registration through the application on the Website. The Customer may change the order from his/her User Account or through the customer help line. The Customer may cancel or change the order via the User Account no later than at 11 pm on the day the order is placed. Goods Tesco in a Box are delivered only on working days from 8 a.m. till 14 p.m.The orders will be delivered by a contracted courir company.

    Furthermore, the Customer has the right to cancel the entire order immediately after the receipt of the confirmation email via the customer help line on phone no.: 06 80 734 734.

    VI. Delivery and Reception

    When ordering Tesco in a Box on the Website, the Customer enters his/her address for delivery of the Order in Hungary. The Order is delivered by courier to the main entrance of the building, whose address is stated as the delivery place during the process of ordering.

    The Courier shall make every effort to deliver within the required time, which he has informed the Customer of by SMS or email but shall not be liable for failure to deliver on time if such failure was caused by facts which, in view of all the circumstances, could not have been influenced by the Courier without investing unreasonable costs.

    The Order at the place of delivery may only be received by a person over 18 years of age. Through the Courier, Tesco is entitled to verify the Customer’s age, in particular in connection with the sale of alcoholic products, by inspecting the Customer’s identity card. Provided that the Customer’s necessary age is not proven, the Courier will not hand over the Order, unless the Order is handed over to a person who meets the above conditions.

    If there is no person capable of receiving the Order at the agreed time and place chosen by the Customer, the Customer is obliged to contact the Courier via phone’s customer help line, provided contact infos by email or sms.

    Damaged Tesco in a Box

    Upon receipt of the Order from the Courier, the Customer is obliged to check that the Tesco in a Box or the Item is undamaged and in the event of any defects notify the Courier immediately. If the packaging of the Tesco in a Box has been broken, indicating unauthorised intrusion into the Order, the Customer does not have to accept the Order from the Courier. This does not affect the Tesco’s rights due to liability for defects of the Order and other rights of Tesco arising from generally binding legal regulations. The Customer may withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 days from the receipt.

    Damaged Item inside the Tesco in a Box

    If the Customer opens the Tesco in a Box and find out a damaged item inside the Tesco in a Box, he/she has the right to go to the closest Tesco store and refund that single damaged product or/and  make and send the photos of the damaged goods by email to the Tesco customer help line: bevasarlas@tesco.hu.

    The withdrawal is not possible for partial items only for the Tesco in a Box.

    VII. Refusal to Accept the Order, Withdrawal from Contract and Returning Tesco in a Box

    The Customer is entitled to refuse to accept the whole Tesco in a Box only (for example if it was damaged on the way).

    If Customer refuses to accept the Order, the payment made upon the ordering process shall be refund to the Customer.

    The Customer may withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 days from the receipt of the Tesco in a Box.

    The Customer acknowledges that it is not possible to withdraw from the purchase a contract in case of any Item which:

    • has been removed from their packaging and it is not possible to repack the Item for hygiene reasons,
    • has been irretrievably mixed with other goods (contaminated by other goods).


    If the Customer withdraws from the contract, he/she shall send the withdrawal and the relevant items at his expense to this company address or hand the goods over at any Tesco store (taking into account the store’s product range), within fourteen days of the withdrawal from the contract. The Customer shall return the goods complete, i.e. including all supplied accessories, with complete documentation, undamaged and clean. If the Customer uses the goods within the 14-day withdrawal period and then returns the goods, he shall bear the costs incurred by Tesco in connection with the wear and tear of the goods. Tesco is entitled to unilaterally set off its claim for damages to the goods against the Customer’s claim for a refund of the purchase price.

    If the Customer withdraws from the contract, Tesco shall refund all money received from the Customer under the contract within fourteen days of the withdrawal from the contract. Tesco is not obliged to refund money sooner than it has received the Order from the Customer.

    If the Customer returns the Order at a Tesco store he/she may at his/her request be refunded for the returned Order.

    With respect to compliance with hygiene standards and these Terms and Conditions, the Customer agrees that in case of any suspicion of their breach by the Customer Tesco is entitled to refuse the withdrawal from the contract and to send the returned Order back to the Customer at his expense and if this is not possible (for example, for hygiene reasons or due to a breach of the protective packaging), Tesco is entitled to dispose of the goods without delay.

    The Customer acknowledges that in the event of a withdrawal the relevant number of points shall be debited from his/her Clubcard. Similarly, this Article does not affect any rights or obligations that the Customer has under generally binding legal regulations or the Terms and Conditions relating to the exercise of the Customer’s rights due to liability for defects of Tesco in a Box (claims for defective goods).

    The Customer also acknowledges that if by returning Order under this Article the purchase value drops below the financial threshold determining the application of a discount coupon, Tesco is entitled to claim the corresponding discount coupon amount retroactively.

    In the case the Customer during submitting the shopping list used a coupon depending on the total amount of the shopping but at delivery the delivered goods are rejected the total amount changes. If because of this the amount falls under the coupon's limit or in any other circumstances the spent amount falls under the coupon's limit Tesco has the right to withdraw the reduction.

    Tesco is obliged to reimburse to the User the purchase price of the returned Order, or -at the discretion of the Customer - allow the Customer to choose a new product for the purchase price of the returned Order. (When determining the purchase price of the product the price at the moment if the order shall be prevailing). Simultaneously with the return of the Order and the reimbursement of the purchase price the number of points corresponding to the reimbursed price shall be deducted from the Customer‘s ClubCard.

    The right to the withdrawal for Tesco in a Box may be exercised by the use of the declaration provided by the clear unambiguous unilateral declaration of contractual withdrawal of the User. In this case please contact our customer service department.

    This section clearly shall not affect any rights which the User is entitled to in relation to complaints about defected Order/Items due to the applicable laws and regulations.

    Availability of Tesco in a Box, NO Substitute Product

    Availability of Tesco in a Box shown on the Website depends on the inventory of the serving store, so Tesco does not guarantee continuous availability of it. In order to ensure that the Tesco in a Box is available to the highest possible number of Users, Tesco has the right to maximize the number ofe TescoBoxes a Customer can purchase. In this case, the Customer cannot order a higher number or quantity of Tesco in a Box than the upper limit set by Tesco.

    If the Tesco in a Box selected by the Customer is not available, Tesco will cancel the order and inform the customer that delivery is not possible because of the lack of availibility. In this case Tesco does not offer substituting Tesco in a Box.

    VIII. Claims

    Tesco recommends that the Customer should not accept Tesco in a Box which is visibily damaged upon delivery. If any defects of the Tesco in a Box or single Items inside the Tesco in a Box become visible after the acceptance the Customer may claim compensation or refund.

    Of course, the Customer may refuse to accept the products that are defective for any reason at the time of delivery/receipt. If a product turns out to have been defective at the time of delivery/receipt only after it is delivered (or at least the cause of the defect already existed then), the User will be entitled to complain in this case too: by calling the User Services or sending an email with the photos of the damaged items to the Tesco customer help line: bevasarlas@tesco.hu to the mailing address of the Service or to make a personal complaint in any Tesco Customer Service desk (Tesco's contact information is provided Customer Support Contact Details in Section XVI).

    The Customer may (pursuant to Section XVI.) make his/her complaint in writing or in person relating to the conclusion of the contract, the distribution of the Order and the behaviour, act or omission of the sales person. Tesco immediately investigates the oral complaints and remedies them as necessary. If the Customer disagrees with the handling of his /her complaint or the complaint can not be investigated immediately, Tesco will respond in 30 days to any written complaint made in this regard. (Tesco obligation relating to statutory warranty, product warranty covered in Appendix).

    IX. E-coupons

    I. Use of E-coupons

    E-coupon can only be used through Tesco Online Service; they cannot be used in store.
    E-coupons are used by entering their code under the corresponding menu item of online shopping. When e-coupons are used, a certificate of eligibility to use e-coupons may be requested.
    Unless Tesco specifically provides otherwise when e-coupons are issued, (I) all e-coupons issued can validly be used only once by the User, (II) each User can use only one e-coupon, and (III) e-coupons cannot be used together with other offers or e-coupons. E-coupons cannot be exchanged for cash or used to purchase free-gift coupons. E-coupons can be used until the end of the validity period indicated on them.
    The use of e-coupons also implies acceptance of the terms and conditions for e-coupons. Tesco reserves the right to eliminate the possibility to use e-coupons at any time, for any reason, with that e-coupons already issued can be used.

    II. Distribution of E-coupons

    E-coupons are at all times owned by Tesco. In principle, the use of an e-coupon is linked to the User receiving it, and its use is not transferable. E-coupons may not be copied, reproduced, marketed either directly or indirectly, in any way or any means, and may not be stored in a retrieval system without Tesco’s prior written permission. Any illegal distribution and/or marketing of eCoupons (e.g. on Internet message boards or in online “marketplaces”) constitutes an invalid use and in such cases, Tesco may refuse acceptance.

    III. Items Excluded

    Tesco reserves the right to exclude certain products from the scope of use of e-coupons. If such exclusion exists, detailed information about it can be found on the website www.tesco.hu/bevasarlas.

    IV. Minimum Spend

    If the use of an e-coupon is dependent on a minimum spend requirement, you can use such e-coupon codes only when you spend a minimum amount. Service charges are not included in the purchase amount.

    V. Discount and Its Calculation

    The e-coupon discount is available only in respect of the purchase of the product(s) concerned. The e-coupon discount is deducted from the total of your shopping. If the offer includes a percent discount, the Service charge will be deducted from the percent discount.
    The discount is not applicable to the Service charge, unless a specific offer provides otherwise.
    In case of “VAT-free” offers, prices are to be understood less VAT.

    VI. Refusal of the Acceptance of E-coupons, Limitation of Liability

    When using an e-coupon, the User warrants that he is the legitimate receiver of the e-coupon and at all times uses the same in goodf aith. Each use, attempt or incitement to the use of e-coupons, which has resulted in ineligible persons’ receiving a discount, violates the rules of civil law and may constitute a criminal offense. If Tesco has reason to conclude that the use of e-coupons is against the law or the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, it may refuse to accept the same. In this case, the User acknowledges that he may not make any claim against Tesco because of the refusal of acceptance. If Tesco refuses to accept an e-coupon, it will inform the User about it prior to delivery, enabling him to cancel his request.

    X. Website

    Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Use of the Website

    The Website is owned and operated by Tesco, which is entitled to all rights (including copyright and other rights), on the basis of which it may legally dispose of the said website and its contents (including but not limited to its design, and the databases, illustrations, and prospectuses placed on it, etc.) For the duration of their visit, Customers are obliged to observe the related laws and the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, and may not impair either Tesco’s or other Customer’s reputation and rights.

    In particular, the Customer may not

    • use the whole or individual parts of the website for any purpose other than for his own use, namely, he may not copy, download, or distribute the content of the website to an extent that exceeds his own needs;
    • not interfere with and/or prevent other Users using the website;
    • interfere in any way with the content of the website and may not change its technical nature without the consent of Tesco;
    • not interfere with the security of the website;
    • use the website to send unwanted messages (spam) or chain messages, and may not send viruses or malicious or harmful programs to the website;
    • send messages to the website that contain viruses or malicious or harmful programs;
    • create false messages to falsify the identity of a User or to have access to another User’s account.

    Certain parts of the Webpage, for the purpose of Customer identification, use so called "cookies" small data files, which are stored on the User's computer. The Customer is able to prevent any cookies related activities on his or her own computer by the use of the web browser; however, without the use of cookies the Customer may not be able to use all services on the given webpage. The Customer, by visiting and using certain functions of this Webpage, gives his /her consent to the storage of cookies on his/her computer and for the data handler to access such cookies. The cookies, in general, are stored for a period of 30 days, at the same time, the Customer may request the deletion of the cookies at any time, in addition the Customer, by the use of the web browser, is able to prevent any cookies related activities on his or her own computer. However, please be aware that in the latter case, without the use of cookies, certain aspects of the given Webpage may not function. In order to record the visit to the given Webpage the visitors internet address ("IP address") is logged, the storage of which data is used exclusively for statistical purposes. The data ion the logged files are not connected in any way with any personal data based on which the Customer may be identifiable.

    Data Storage provider: Tesco Stores Ltd, New Tesco House, Delamare Road, Cheshunt, Herts, EN8 9SL In case of any further questions or comments you may reach Tesco at the below electronic e mail address: internet_feedback@hu.tesco-europe.com

    VII. Unauthorized Use of the Service

    In addition to those provided in the preceding section, unauthorized use of the Service is also strictly forbidden. In particular, the following are considered unauthorized use:

    • distribute any content that is degrading, defamatory, violates human dignity, discriminative in terms of religion, belief, race or gender, supports violence or other illegal acts, or the violation of any provisions/rules;
    • distribute any content that is threatening public order, or endangers the legitimate interests of another Customer, Tesco, Tesco’s direct or indirect owner(s) or any of its companies;
    • gain unauthorized access to other computer systems;
    • prevent another Customer from making use of the Service;
    • violate public electronic communications network utilization rights;
    • disrupt networks or websites connected to the website;
    • make, distribute or store electronic copies of copyrighted documents and material without prior consent from the owners.

    Tesco has the right to remove harmful content from the website, as well as to claim full compensation and enforce the same against a Customer who caused damage to Tesco by his unauthorized use of the Service. Damage includes any damage, which has been caused to Tesco or other companies within the Tesco Group, and compensation of which is required from Tesco by third-parties for such damage, which is a consequence of the Customer’s unauthorized use. The damage includes both the direct damage and the costs and expenses necessarily incurred during the elimination of the fault condition caused by the enforcement of the right to compensation for damages and the unauthorized use of the Service. The fine imposed on Tesco by a competent administrative authority for the offense resulting from unauthorized use is also considered damage.

    Tesco takes every effort to improve the quality of the Service and to ensure that the content of the Website is accurate, correct and up to date. Errors or technical issues may occur when using the Website. In such case, the Customer may report such error to the customer phone line and Tesco shall attempt to remove the error without undue delay.

    Tesco reserves the right to restrict Users’ access to the Website for the time necessary in order to perform repairs, maintenance or system upgrade or to implement new system elements.

    The Customer agrees that Tesco is not liable for:

    1. technical difficulties, interruption of the Website;
    2. incompatibility of the Website with the Customer’s terminal equipment or software or his connection to the electronic communications network;
    3. third party advertising performed by a third party via the Website;
    4. errors resulting from third parties’ interference in the Website or from use of the Website contrary to its purpose.

    XII. Personal Data Protection and Consent to Processing

    Related provisions can be found in the corresponding section of Tesco Privacy Policy which is accessible through Tesco webpage at: www.tesco.hu/privacy-policy.

    XIII. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

    With regard to the use of the Service– the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall be controlling. Tesco is entitled to change the Terms and Conditions at any time. The new revised Terms and Conditions will take effect when they are published at the website www.tesco.hu/bevasarlas. The User selecting the products using the Service (i.e. creating a shopping list) will accept the amended Terms and Conditions by sending a new shopping list to Tesco after the entry into force of the amendment. If substantial changes are made to the Terms and Conditions, Tesco will notify its Users registered before by email of the entry into force of the new Terms and Conditions, which they will accept by using the Service again. Issues not regulated by this Terms and Conditions shall be regulated by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and relevant laws applicable to agreements between consumers and the company.

    XIV. Final Provisions

    Information on the Tesco in a Box as presented on the website www.tesco.hu/bevasarlas is for preliminary information. The package of the Items of TescoBox purchased (received) by the Customer contains all the information characteristic of this items as to their composition and use/consumption, therefore the Customer is required, for the sake of his own and others safety, to read and learn carefully that information. The Terms and Conditions regulate the conditions of use of the Service, thus their provisions become an integral part of the purchase contract concluded with the Customer at the time of the conclusion of the contract of sale and purchase. The Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Hungary. If there is a difference between the Hungarian and English versions of the Terms and Conditions or the contents of the website www.tesco.hu/bevasarlas, the Hungarian version shall prevail.
    If a court of competent jurisdiction sets out the invalidity of certain provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the invalidity of that provision shall not affect the other provisions of the Terms and Conditions, which will continue to remain in full force and effect. If, in the event of single or repeated breaches of the Terms and Conditions, Tesco does not exercise its rights in relation to the breach of contract, it shall in no way be considered a waiver.

    XV. Out-of-court Resolution of Consumer Disputes

    Out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes is a system that enables an alternative procedure in resolving disputes between consumers and entrepreneurs, outside traditional judicial proceedings. If dissatisfied, the Customer can file a complaint with an out-of-court resolution body, which in this case is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    The Customer, in order to reach an out of court settlement in issues relating to product quality, safety, the application of rules on product liability, the quality of the service and relating to the conclusion and performance of the contract between the parties (hereinafter "Consumer Dispute") may initiate a procedure before the county (Metropolitan) arbitration board of the county / (Metropolitan) Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    The competent arbitration body shall be the institution in the place of residence or stay of the Customer. If the Customer does not have the place of residence or stay the competent arbitration body shall be the institution where the Company is established.

    The contact information of the arbitration board having jurisdiction over Tesco's place of business:

    Arbitration Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pest and Érd Counties (Arbitration Board of Pest County) 1119 Budapest, Etele út 59-61. II. em. 240.,

    Postal address: 1364 Budapest, Pf.: 81

    Phone/Fax: (+36-1) 269-0703(+36-1) 784-3149                              


    Arbitration Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Budapest 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. III. em.

    Postal address: 1253 Budapest, Pf.: 10.

    Phone/Fax: (+36-1) 488 21 31,                             

    bekelteto.testulet@bkik.hu      http://bekeltet.hu/kerelem/

    or the on-line dispute resolution platform:


    These Terms and Conditions regulate the terms of the Service and at the moment a purchase contract is concluded with the Customer they become an integral part of the purchase contract.

    XVI. Customer Support Contact Details

    Service, Website address:


    Customer Services email address:


    Customer Services phone number between: 8-23

    06-80-734-734 (free)
    from abroad: +36 (1) 877 9843 (local fare)

    Customer Services mailing address:

    2040 Budaörs, Kinizsi út 1-3. („online”)

    Courier website:


    Courier customer website:


    The new revised Terms and Conditions will take effect when they are published at the website www.tesco.hu/bevasarlas.