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Sure, water tea can anyone, but flavour it properly, can be real science. We have prepared a tip for a „vitamin bomb“ that many of you maybe have forgotten. It's time for a rosehip seance!

Dry harvested rosehips, we can also use the drying oven, if we have it. Two handfuls of dried rosehips water with approximtely two liters of boiling water and let it lixiviate for a longer time. When the rosehips soften during the leavening process, push them all a bit and then pass through a sieve.

Preparation doesn’t end! This tea doesn’t have to be sweeten, it has an excellent taste and flavor itself. But what is good to use are dried apples or pears that give fruit sugar to the tea. Tea is so easily naturally sweetened. Try also lemon or orange peel, that add to tea right smack!

TIP: You can reuse the rosehips again and water them with another liter of boiling water. Another portion is often even more delicious.

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